Monday, October 05, 2009

Fabcast times two

1. No boyfriend since birth--a common enough dilemma for some women, but what if it's a gay guy we're talking about? Like our friend McVie, who is, from all appearances, quite a fine catch but hasn't had luck at all in the romance department. Bakit nga ba, and what to do about it? (My demented suggestion: Be a stalker!) Hop in as we subject the usually unflappable McVie to the griddle:

LISTEN: (28 mins 48 sec)
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2. They've been all over lately--from those high-gloss Bikini Open contests in Boracay mounted by the likes of Mossimo and Century Tuna, to dinky versions of the flesh cavalcade that some comedy bars in Manila have included in their weekly attractions to lure in the crowds. Well, what goes on in the minds of skimpily-clad male models as they parade their wares before hungry, sometimes judging eyes? And what do they have to go through, if any, to win? Tony brought a friend along, Allan, who's been joining such competitions. A straight guy, rather bashful but with interesting backstage bits to share, so--yes, the perspective from the other side of the stage was welcome, and the ensuing interrogation fast, fun, informative. I meant titillating.

Listen: (26 mins 46 sec)
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