Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New pieces for my mantelpiece

... Except that I don't have a mantelpiece, let alone a vacant shelf to display whatever trophies this blog has managed to snag, so the two new pieces of hardware (below) that have come my way via the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards will stay in some cramped cupboard for now. Thanks again, PBA and Globe, for the recognition.

The trophy for my Ten Best Posts of the Year entry (“Portrait of a dramatic highlight in Nick Joaquin's A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino). Last year, it was an interesting free-form wire sculpture, this year it's the iconic jeepney. Artist, artist!

This one's for my being chosen as one of the “Elders of the Globe-PBA Digital Tribe for Luzon”. A senior-citizen blogger, in short--though based on “your body of work and impact in your chosen niche in the Web Community.” Ah, sweet.


rudeboy said...

Congratulations, Gibbs! Well done, well-deserved!

I'm green with envy, because although I do have mantelpieces, they only hold the pickled heads of my exes.

citybuoy said...

congrats! very well deserved! :D

lol @ rudeboy

r-yo said...

congrats lolo gibbs! :-D

Anonymous said...

in fairness, magandang pang paper weight

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