Friday, October 23, 2009

The next time you audition...

For actors at auditions, musicians at competitions or anyone else whose work is sequentially judged against that of others, a nagging question often arises: Would I rather be the first person to be evaluated, or the last?

New research suggests both have their advantages, and either is far preferable than being stuck in the middle. That's the conclusion of a study of the effects of position order on preference, just published in the journal Psychological Science.

-- “First and Last Competitors Have the Edge”

All's not lost, however, if you find yourself stuck in the middle. “Unlike the wine samples in this study, dancers auditioning for a chorus line differ in their abilities and training. So it's entirely possible a virtuoso in the middle of the pack could stand out,” says the piece.

In other words, wherever you are in the line, kick ass.

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rudeboy said...

Heh. It's just like birth order. The choicest spots are the eldest and the youngest. Unless you're in a solo act or a duet, if you catch my drift.

Same goes when making account pitches in my field. Either be the first, or the finale. There are no middling winners.

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