Friday, November 27, 2009

Casting call for Spanish- and Chinese-looking actors

A foreign indie film to be shot outside Manila is looking for the following additional actors:

ZUÑIGA--Spanish, 30’s, a pícaro who is always out for an advantage MOON--Chinese from Canton, 20’s, round and good-natured CHOP-CHOP--Chinese from Canton, 20’s, wary, skinny

ZUÑIGA should be able to speak Tagalog a bit. MOON and CHOP-CHOP should preferably be Cantonese-speaking.

Please e-mail resume, picture and contact details to vives@; VTRs will be held on Tuesday, Dec 1, afternoon. Venue to be announced.

1 comment:

waltzang said...

odk. makapag audition nga. i'm not in my 20s anymore, pero baka pwede pa. and i can speak chinese, too!

how do you say "nanay, tignan mo ang buwan" in chinese?

ma mun lok!

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