Friday, November 27, 2009

Fabcast: The Talented Mr. Ripley, aka Careful, careful!

That's what we called the guy who broke CC's heart. What, another sob story? Not quite. As Migs explains:

Corporate Closet (CC) is one of my smartest, most accomplished friends. He is a CEO of a billion-peso company, graduated at the top of our MBA class, and if you have the chance to talk to him even casually, you will not fail to notice that he is sharp of mind and wits. But, as his own story shows, even the sharpest, most intelligent beings have hearts that aren’t exempted from falling; and sometimes falling foolishly.

How foolish? Well, CC fell for someone online. But that's not the entire story. He was seduced into it, too. What made the story so fascinating, at least for me, was the whole elaborate web of deceit the other party wove so patiently to make everything sound plausible--the weeks of exciting online chat leavened with attractive pictures, private glimpses into family life and whereabouts, plans for meet-ups (the Filipino guy was based in New York), even the exact flight details for when they were supposed to meet at last at the NAIA airport. Only for CC to get stood up, with Belgian truffles and Ecuadorian roses (bought at the guy's request!) wilting in his hand.

What the fuck, right? Who in his right mind would play such a mean, intricate trick on another person halfway around the globe, and for what purpose? (Oo, nag-init ulo ko!) More, should CC's experience serve as a cautionary tale for others trawling for romance online? Or was he simply unlucky?

Listen, learn and laugh with us as we try to come to grips with this particular kahibangan--este, kaganapan.

Part 1
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Music credits:
Imaginary Lover by Atlanta Rhythm Section
Live To Tell by Madonna

Part 2
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Music credits:
Live To Tell by Madonna
Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx
Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Part 3
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Music credits:
Crazy In Love by Beyonce
Why by Annie Lennox
Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes
Weekend In New England by Barry Manilow
Kung Ako Na Lang Sana by Bituin Escalante Get Lost by Patrick Wolf

The top-notch production values c/o McVie, as usual.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, i don't know. it puzzles me how can a middle-age man fall for somebody without ever seing him in person first.

Anonymous said...

"Who in his right mind would play such a mean, intricate trick on another person halfway around the globe, and for what purpose?"

Is this a serious question? I know a lot of people who have done more elaborate schemes (your Mr. Ripley is not at all talented, let me tell you) just for the fun of it. What CC experienced is actually quite tame.

questingspirit said...

One question: did Talented Mr. Ripley ask for money or any expensive gift of any kind, or financial support for whatever?

Anonymous said...

Kasi ang mga bakla, ang bilis umasa

Anonymous said...

dios me ang landi ng mga boses

Anonymous said...

being a devil's advodate, hindi naman magaaksaya iyong guy siguro ng pahanon para paglaruan siya. baka naman may ginawa din naman iyong si cc. it takes two to tango di ba. aminin man natin or hindi, may mga gays kasi na gusto din makalamang sa kapwa nila. di ba nga ang hilig din nilang pagtsismisan ang mga "conquests" nila.

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