Thursday, November 05, 2009

Reverend, you are so busted

Via The Daily Dish:

A northeastern Pennsylvania priest has been removed from his duties after church officials say he accidentally displayed inappropriate pictures from his computer before Sunday Mass.

The Diocese of Scranton said the Rev. Edward Lyman was using his computer on Oct. 25 to project an informational DVD about the annual diocesan fundraiser when four photos were displayed. They featured what church officials describe as “minimally attired adult males.”

Diocese spokesman William Genello said the photos were not pornographic, did not include minors and were not taken by the priest.

“Minimally attired adult males.” Love the primness.


fr. pj said...


another unfortunate commentary on the judgment we do to our priests.

he was removed from his duties for inadvertently showing inappropriate pictures, which are "not pornographic, did not include minors and were not taken by the priest."

here's hoping that our actions are not condemnatory not just of priests, but also of those who are judgmental and pharisaic.

God bless you always and in all ways.

fr. pj

gibbs cadiz said...

hi fr. pj!

glad to hear from you. we didn't get to meet while we both were in sorsogon. anyway--sure, but where'd the pics come from, and how did it end up on his pc? 'not taken by the priest' could also mean downloaded from online sources, right? and now that you've mentioned it, i'd say removing him from his duties MERELY for 'inadvertently showing inappropriate pictures' is rather harsh. someone beat me to the judgment, i guess. :)

Den Relojo said...

Your blog is a junk!

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