Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 Filipino theater artists make it to World Stage Design 2009 Awards

Congratulations to sound designers Jed Balsamo and Jethro Joaquin, who are among the names listed as award winners in the World Stage Design 2009 (WSD2009). Jude's cited work was Amihan, while Jethro's was the 2008 Repertory Philippines production of Hamlet.

From the WSD2009 website:

The award winners at World Stage Design 2009 (WSD2009) were announced recently. There were 247 entrants from 26 countries included in the celebration of design for the performing arts in set, costume, lighting, and sound. Ninety-nine participating designers from 19 countries went to Seoul, Korea to exhibit artworks in the SangMyung Gallery and the Zeroone Design Gallery along with Rien Bekker’s Costume Exhibition in the Lock Museum.

Awards were given out for Outstanding Scenographer (won by Monica Raya of Mexico); gold, silver and honorable mention places for Set Design, Costume Design and Light Design; and citations for country showcases. For Sound Design: The Awards Jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision so it decided to divide the prize money among all contributors in the category.

* Jude Edgard C Balsamo (Philippines), Amihan
* Curtis Craig (USA), Pentecost
* Igor Drevalev (Russia), The Black Monk
* Gregg R Fisher (UK), Sarajevo Story
* Elisheba Itoop (USA), Bent
* Jethro Joaquin (Philippines), Hamlet
* Karen Lauke (UK), The Odyssey
* Richard Malone (USA), Female Transport
* Matthew Suttor (USA), The Trial of the Cannibal Dog Opera
* Richard K Thomas (USA), Henry V
* Bradlee Ward (USA), The Methuselah Tree
* Claire Windsor (UK), Palace of the End
* Chien Feng Wu (Taiwan), Love Letters

Congrats again, Jed and Jethro! (Waltz, thanks for the link.)

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Jed Balsamo said...

thanks, gibbs. :)

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