Thursday, December 17, 2009

For Good--for friends

The current “It” song of friendship, originally sung by the fabulous Kristin-Idina tandem but now with a dash of extra resonance with two guys singing it--Lee Lessack and composer Stephen Schwartz (who wrote the song for his smash Broadway musical Wicked). The number is from Mr. Lessack's all-duets album, In Good Company.

Dedication time--because it's 8 days to Christmas and even I, who hate the frenzy, am feeling a bit fuzzy. This goes to all friends, loved ones and intimates who, to rip from that Sondheim song, “need me too much, know me too well, pull me up short, put me through hell and give me support...” You know who you are. Faithful readers of this blog very much included, by the way. Thank you for the goading. Here's to us, buddies.


Drei said...

very good version. i didn't know stephen himself sang one version of this. :)

Yj said...

aaaaaaaaaaw..... sweet..... :)

Equivocant said...

WOW! I'm a sucker for guy-guy duets. I love "In Lily's Eyes" from The Secret Garden.

Is there anyway to download this song?

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