Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gantimpala Theater's Kapulungan ng mga Diyos on Dec. 30. Free admission.

“Kapulungan ng mga Diyos” is a musical based on “El Consejos Delos Dioses”, a play written in April 1880 by National Hero Jose Rizal. It won first prize in the contest organized by the Liceo Artistico de Manila, or Manila Art Institute.

This musical is set in a fictional place called “Paraisong Kayumanggi,” a paradise in a part of the heavens called “Kaluwalhatian”, where the powerful deities of the old literary world of the Philippines reside, deities who ruled the world of Philippine mythology and folktales during the pre-Spanish era. In the story, the existence of these deities and all other creatures of the old literary world is being threatened by the birth of a new world, so Bathala, together with his loyal messenger Tigmamanukin, calls a council composed of 4 other deities, namely; Amihan the goddess of the wind, Diyan Masalanta the goddess of love, Bulan the goddess of the moon and her brother Apolaki the god of the sun.

Amid much disagreement on how to proceed, the group attempts to find ways to ensure that Filipino literature prevails by immortalizing a book that carries the essence and principles of the old world and enthroning it at the tallest mountain in Kaluwalhatian called Bundok Ng Buhay Na Walang Hanggan.

“Kapulungan ng mga Diyos” intends to open the eyes of its audience to the greatness of the four classic books included in the Philippines’ High School curriculum. Through funny scenes and light storytelling, magical songs and entertaining dances, the play hopes to interest the youth in reading and enjoying the beauty of these four classics written by the greatest Filipino literary artists.

The musical stars Heidi Arima (Amihan); Meliza Reyes (Diyan Masalanta); Bench Bautista (Bulan); Leo Ponseca (Tigmamanukin); Billy Parjan (Bathala); Xeno Alejandro (Apolaki); Pamela Hundana (Katarungan/Ibong Adarna): Raymond Talavera (Katarungan/Ibong Adarna); Ronald Concepcion (Tikbalang/Ibarra/Simoun); Francis Cruz III (Bangun-Bangun/Florante); Hazel Orencio (Inang Bayan/Lakamibini/Laura); Christian Parado (Halamista/Engkantado/Aladin); Gillyza Berdin (Hukluban/Engkantada/Flerida); Darby Dizon (Ermitanyo/Sultan Ali Adab/Pari); and John Paulo Garcia (Kapre/Adolfo/Militar).

Direction and libretto by Jose Jeffrey Camañag, lights design by Andy Villareal, set design by Marianne Sedotes, choreography by Darby Dizon, production management by Alice Borbe, stage management by Glendel Dacumos. Artistic Director is Tony Espejo.

“Kapulungan ng mga Diyos,” a project of Gantimpala Theater in cooperation with the National Parks Development Committee, runs December 30 (Wednesday), 7 p.m., at the Open Air Auditorium, Luneta Park. Free admission!

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Richard said...

Hello Gibbs! I saw this earlier, and I'd like to say thanks for posting it here! The play is good (and I'll try to post my thoughts on this tomorrow). I can't elaborate on how I enjoyed it yet, but really, thanks for posting it here! I enjoyed and to think that it's for free, it's really worth the trip! Thanks!

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