Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Is there anything--or anyone--left untouched by showbiz in this country?

Efren Peñaflorida courting Angel Locsin. Actress Angel Locsin has a hero for a suitor this new year... She admitted that the celebrated young Filipino [2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida] visited her at home.

“Pumunta siya sa bahay. Kinausap ang daddy ko. Mas una niyang kinausap 'yong dad ko kaysa sa akin,” she said.

Peñaflorida said he will take his chance with pursuing love.

“Bago ko inask, bago ko in-open sa kanya 'yon, 'yong mga intentions ko, ready na ako. Prepared ako doon sa kung ano man ang mangyayari,” he said.

I wish him well. He has all the right in the world to be happy and pursue whomever he wants. It's just the pattern has become so dang clichéd. Why must everyone with a modicum of public standing always end up being co-opted by showbiz? Why is our civic life inevitably hijacked by celebrity blarney?

More: John Nery's The curse of singing journalists, atbp. “'Ako ang Simula,' it seems to me, is a dead end for Philippine journalism.” Couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said...

I don't really mind him courting Angel, but Efren is so vocal about it, and lets himself be interviewed about it. I wish he'd just do it privately. They can go public if he succeeds in getting her love but for now, it's just another sob story of a dreamer chasing a dream. I kinda lost respect for him. I wish he'd just publicize his advocacy more than dwelling on a celebrity nonsense.

Anonymous said...

For me, ano ngayon. i mean, given a chance, kung naachieve mo ang status na the celebrity you want to pursue would listen to you based on your new status, why not take a chance. I mean, mga bakla nga, i bet pag nagkastatus , ipupursue iyong mga ilusyon nila ano. bayaan natin siya. malay mo naman magkakilala na talaga sila in the past. tsaka naman, gawin man niyang private hindi na puede dahil public property na siya . ano ba,

ethan h said...

Why go with Angel who gained fame with a TV show and not with her heroic efforts? This is the Angel who turned her back on her TV network for the sake of money and with a to hell with loyalty attitude. This is the Angel who posed sexy in print ads and FHM. This is the Angel who probably did not finish school but wants to date someone who promotes education. This is the Angel who is an idol to the kids Efren teaches but is hardly a worthy role model. Is this Angel trying to replenish her 15 minutes, which seems to be over?

Efren is mababaw pala.

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