Friday, January 08, 2010

Music saves the day

Or at least soothes frayed nerves, lightens the mood and draws people a bit closer together at a jampacked airport chafing under extra-tight security. The blogger Scanner has the story:

Your [sic] sitting at the Newark Airport in New Jersey. The plane is late, you've went through enough security to suspect that the security people think you have Osama Bin Laden in your underwear. Bitch and moan. Bitch and Moan. You hate the airline, the people checking you for bombs and every other person that stands between you and that seat on a plane to get you home, or wherever you're going. No place to sit and you're on the cell phone also bitching to people who probably don't give a shit anyway. So what happens? Some guy with a guitar takes it out and starts tuning it up. You think, "Fuck, What is this guy going to do. The last thing I need right now is some asshole playing a fucking guitar". He stands up and goes:

1 comment:

beektur said...

Good lord. This is now way beyond Warhol's 15 minutes. Everyone with a camera and access to the net -- and his dopey/nerdy/stinky cousin --- is an instabrity (instant celebrity). Overload!

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