Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not in the land of Arnel, Charice and 'The Champions,' dude

The lack of emphasis on singing in society means that, well, there is none. Nobody knows the lyrics to anything. Sing-alongs often require a laptop to Google the lyrics. The merry singing after the pub is an endless line of half choruses repeated and then abandoned. At the same time, sing-alongs have become such a rarity that those who have songs, who have learned them, are rarely asked to sing. Society—the bulk of it—has become shy about singing. The spontaneous song becomes the lesser-spotted vocal. Family occasions that cry out for a song—not just weddings and funerals, but also lunches and dinners—are bereft of the practice of calling for hush and asking the one or two in the family who are known to have a voice to release it. Do we know today if any of our nearest or dearest even have a voice?...

Music clearly needs a champion in the home. The sheer variety of aural and visual entertainment available to us presents a formidable challenge. We spend a lot of our time singing and humming along to songs from a digital source. We need to show children that a song is not merely something you consume, but something that you can produce.

-- “The Songs We Don't Sing,” by Toner Quinn, from the Journal of Music

PLUS: What a good stylist can do--Charice rocking Singapore Idol about two weeks ago, looking sleeker and more streamlined.

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ethan h said...

Buti naman she's now looking her age. I was expecting the ruffle skirts and bobby socks. She's 17, right? That's same age a Miley Cyrus and the age when Britney made "Hit me baby one more time."

Doesn't charice have any other songs in her repertoire?

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