Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you! The New Beginnings party fabcast

We called the Fabcasters' New Year party New Beginnings, and it was a smash, at least by our standards. About 60 people came, friends and friends of friends, and filled to the brim a lovely vintage house in Sampaloc we had taken over for the party. McVie, enterprising as usual, recorded the hubbub and snippets of excited talk during the event itself. You'd hear that in the post-party podcast below, where we revisit the happy happening and thank everyone for coming, while getting sloshed again on white wine. To live up to the New Beginnings tag, the reliable OBB (“opening billboard”--fancy name for the audio identifier you hear at the beginning of every podcast) we had for over a year has been retired. The clip below now sports a sleekly thumpin' brand-new OBB courtesy of Brian Cua of Hit Productions and one of the resident DJs of Bed Bar Malate. Brian composed the music; McVie added the soundbites of the Fabcasters. Chikahan na!

Download this fabcast (right click and save - 30.4 MB)

Music credits:

Saturday Night by Ned's Atomic Dustbin
Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer
Don't Stop Believing (Brian Cua Goodnight Tribal Mix) by the Glee! Cast

PLUS: Party animal ka pala, akala ko homebody ka!, the wickedly talented Nar Cabico ribbed me as the party was winding down. (We got him to sing two sets of songs along with his friend Philippe Palmos; they wowed the crowd with standards, pop covers and Broadway material.) I nearly choked on my cup of red wine. Moi? Only when I'm one-sixth of the gang organizing the party--otherwise, put me in a crowd of unfamiliar faces and I'd probably melt into the drapery, become a vase, painting or something. But these were mostly my friends, so, yes, I flitted around quite a bit. Isa lang tama sa sinabi mo, I told Nar. Yung animal!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the party and seeing you there is WOW!!! Idol talaga kita Gibbs! To a FABulous 2010! Cheers! =)

= Phillippe Palmos

Guyrony said...

To Gibbs, may you have the most wonderful year!

Forty and Fabulous!

Till Saturday night!

Ryan said...

Whoa. Saw my teeny tiny face on one of those pics. I'm really happy my friends invited me to join the party. Til the next gathering!

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