Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where to buy the book, etc.

To friends and readers who've asked--National Artist for Theater Daisy Hontiveros Avellana's The Drama of It: A Life on Film and Theater is available at Powerbooks for P595. National? I'm not sure. I checked with the National Bookstore Shangri-La Plaza branch and they don't have it yet, so better head to its sister bookshop.

The photo above I took at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4. Now that we're at this, may I direct your attention as well to the other publications keeping Ms. Avellana's book company?

Firstly, the Quijano de Manila aka Nick Joaquin anthologies Reportage on Lovers and Reportage on Crime. I'm seeing these titles only now, so I assume they were long out of print or the anthologies are new. In any case, these books should be must-haves for anyone who knows Mr. Joaquin mostly through his fiction; here he is at his non-fiction best--reportage that pioneered literary journalism long before the term, and Tom Wolfe, became hip.

The crime book's first story, incidentally, is The House on Zapote Street, the true-life basis for Mike De Leon's now-classic film on incest and obsession, Kisapmata. Both books sell for only P295.

On the leftmost side is Connecting Flights: Filipinos Write From Elsewhere, an anthology of fine travel writing by Butch Dalisay, Alya Honasan, Jessica Zafra and the like, edited by Ruel S. De Vera. Also at P295.

Then there's Gilda Cordero-Fernando's Sampler--lovely essays and observations from one of the country's wittiest, most engaging writers. I thumbed through the book and noticed familiar passages--many of the pieces, I think, first appeared in the Inquirer, in the section I help edit (yes, I'm bragging; I get first crack at reading her copy). Over the years, the fabulous Ms. Cordero-Fernando's stories have covered everything from aswang and astrology to peculiar family ties and growing old in our society. This book should have more of that. At P495.

Happy Pinoy reading!


exie abola said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Gibbs! Went to Powerbooks Trinoma today and got the Avellana, Joaquin, and GCF books, and others besides.

gibbs cadiz said...

great, EXIE. enjoy! :)

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