Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ateneo mounts sarsuwela Walang Sugat for its 150th anniversary

This February, love blossoms in the midst of war in the Ateneo de Manila University’s production of "Walang Sugat," a sarsuwela by Severino Reyes and Fulgencio Tolentino.

This will be Ateneo’s first major sarsuwela and the culmination of the school’s three-year Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Severino Reyes’ well-loved masterpiece documents the struggles of Filipinos against the oppressive and unjust regime of the Spanish elite, a reminder of how they chose to change things with their own hands by rising up to fight for their country.

In this time when a similar opportunity for political change is given to us, will we wait for change to come to us, or will we rise up and do our part in making the change happen?

It is the same struggle for change presented in "Walang Sugat," which revolves around the lives of young lovers Tenyong and Julia. Set in the final leg of the Philippine Revolution, Tenyong must leave behind his childhood sweetheart Julia to join the Katipunan. As the revolution goes on with no word from Tenyong, Julia is pressured by her mother to marry the wealthy Miguel. Her wedding is interrupted by the fatally wounded Tenyong, who returns with a dying wish.

The production is directed by Ricardo Abad, under the musical direction of Josefino Tolledo. Jonjon Villareal handles lights design while Dexter Santos choreographs. Set and costumes are by National Artist Salvador Bernal.

Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Ateneo de Manila University’s program 500@150, which aims to raise money for 500 scholarships this year, and to Agenda for Hope.

The show runs February 24–27, 2010 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater, Ateneo de Manila University. For tickets call Ia Solis at 0921-2585000.


the barefoot baklesa said...

go, sir ricky!!! i'll be at my seat...

Drei said...

i saw this when i was 9! sadly the only thing i remember was that i went home unusually late. would love to watch it and comprehend.

gibbs cadiz said...


DREI! the song bayan ko comes from this sarswela. you remember it now? :)

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