Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last weekend for Rep's Romeo & Bernadette

Repertory Philippines' critically acclaimed production of Mark Saltzman's comedy musical "Romeo & Bernadette" will have its last performances at the OnStage Theatre, Greenbelt 1, Makati City on February 26 to 28, 2010.

"In a season of must-sees such as 'Rent' and 'Cats,' Repertory Philippines' 'Romeo & Bernadette' is up there with the best of them," according to The Manila Times.

Stir.Ph comments, "It's a great twist to the Shakespeare classic!"

In this romantic comedy, Romeo did not die from drinking poison, as originally written by William Shakespeare. It appears it was not poison that he took but a sleeping potion that put him to sleep for a few centuries.

Fast forward to circa 1960, Romeo wakes up from a long slumber and meets a woman whom he believes to be Juliet. However, Juliet is really dead and the woman Romeo thinks to be the love of his life is really Bernadette, daughter of the infamous mob leader Sal Penza in Brooklyn, New York.

Not wanting to believe Bernadette's explanation, Romeo follows and chases after Bernadette from Verona to Brooklyn, and finds himself in the company of Sal Penza's rival family, Don del Canto. No matter in what era Romeo belongs to, he seems to be always involved in a pattern of feuding families. But unlike Shakespeare's tale, Saltzman's version ends up with a happy ever after.

PJ Valerio plays Romeo, while Cris Villonco takes on the role of the vulgar, sexy, spoiled brat Bernadette. Romeo's counter ego Dino del Canto is brought to life by Red Concepcion; the hopeless romantic Donna played by veteran actress Liesl Batucan.

Generating a lot of infectious laughter from the audience is crowd favorite Rem Zamora, who essays a multitude of minor but very memorable roles. Rem proves there are no small roles, only small actors. Everybody is amazed at how he changes into his roles and costumes, assuming a totally different character in a snap: an accordionist, an opera-style singer, a nervous airport immigration agent, a gay flamboyant florist, an Irish priest, a dominating female dance instructor, a female dressmaker, and a father to Donna.

For last weekend tickets, call 8870710/8919999. Visit or


Guyrony said...

You guys have to watch Romeo, uh, I mean watch the play! It's really special and Cris Villonco's musical range and prowess really underlines the whole act.

PJ Valerio, so sad I wasn't able to shake your hands.Wahahaha!

Oliver Oliveros said...

Thanks a lot, Gibbs =)

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