Thursday, February 25, 2010

Video: Shake Body Body Dancer? It could only be... Maricel Soriano!

Actually, the song's correct title is Body Dancer, by the now-obscure '80s group Magic Fire. Many of us who grew up in that decade will never forget Maricel Soriano dancing to this tune. It was her signature dance piece, along with another massive '80s hit, Rico Mambo.

Well, lookie what I found recently: a DVD copy (recorded from Cinema One!) of one of the defining movies of the '80s, Luciano 'Chaning' Carlos' Jack en Poy, where Roderick Paulate played the swishy Poy to Maricel's tomboy Jack. I saw the movie in high school, and all I remember of it is Roderick's unforgettable entrance as he went down the gangplank of the ship that brought him back to Manila. He carried a three-layered umbrella, had a long flowing white scarf trailing behind him, and fuchsia tights to match his hot pink tube dress.

It is, in my opinion, the most fabulous entrance by any actor in Philippine movie history. I'll prove it to you next time with a video clip. For now, let's focus on Maricel--specifically, the big musical number in Jack en Poy where she performs her iconic hip-grinding dance moves. I had completely forgotten that something like this sequence existed in the film. So when it flashed onscreen, I was on the floor in seconds, laughing and shrieking.

Here it is--beginning with Maricel's emo moment before the mirror as she begins to imagine what it's like to be a girl. More than two-thirds into the movie, she has slowly shed her butch ways and is warming up to her perennial ka-loveteam, the hammy William Martinez. Her muni-muni then segues into the grand musical number that's supposed to unveil, finally, the glamourpuss behind that tough, tomboyish mien.

The music, by the way (after the reworked Pink Panther Theme intro) is a medley of Body Dancer and O La La, by--wait, I know this!--Finzi Kontini. The headbands! The hairdos! The blazers! The baston pants! Yep, I'm so '80s. Enjoy!


rudeboy said...


Jack En Poy had me in stitches back in the day. It should be a camp classic on par with Temptation Island.

And Rhoda was the fiercest, funniest queen ever. And Maricel pre-obsessive-alcohol-rubbing days gyrating to Body Dancer!

Thanks for the memories, Gibbs!Now I have to wash out my brain with Liquid Sosa again.

Dennis N. Marasigan said...

be careful of watching all those 80's regal films. you might be surprised what's lurking in BEDSPACERS, UNDERAGE, and WILD ANIMALS.

didinskee said...

Choreography overload! Fosse must be turning in his grave.

Loved the pants though, haha! Didn't know William was so limber!

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