Friday, March 26, 2010


Garrison Keillor: The picture of the grinning GOP congressmen holding "Kill the Bill" posters was not an attractive one. Those guys all get excellent hrothgar from the government, at bargain prices. If you choke on your shoe during a speech in the House of Representatives, you'll be whisked away to Walter Reed, and specialists will extract your hoof from your mouth and your head from your colon and clean you up and all for a tiny annual premium. It does not behoove men who are enjoying a huge pork sandwich to deny a few pork rinds to others and to grin in the process.

Folksy, unfussy language that pinches hard while making you chuckle. There's good writing for you.

[Photo: Republican Congressmen holding up handmade signs to rally the crowd of protesters outside of the Capitol before the health care vote. Charles Dharapak/Associated Press]

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