Friday, March 05, 2010

Public service or electioneering?

Notice to Senior Citizens displayed at the counter of Taco Bell Gateway; picture taken Thursday last week.

Thought balloon no. 1
Uy, ayos 'to a. Buti pa si Mayor Belmonte, me effort to inform senior citizens about their privileges under the law. Very clear--“20 percent discount, and special discount of five percent on basic and prime commodities.” Tapos me warning pa na “Violation is subject to fine and imprisonment.” Cool. Dapat lang talaga paalalahanan ang mga establishments to comply with this, and to inform their customers in such a way na mababasa agad, and easily, ng ating mga lolo at lola what they're entitled to. Good move, Mayor!

Thought balloon no. 2
Ay, me picture! At nearly one-third of the small space. Teka, nangangampanya ba siya o nag-reremind? Kailangan ba talaga me mukha niya? Di pa ba sapat his signature below the notice? Di ba susunod sa batas ang Taco Bell without his smiling face accompanying the warning? (Warning pero smiling--ang weird.) O di kaya mas mataas ang compliance rate pag sinamahan ng fez niya? And what's this? Additional penalty! “Non-posting/displaying of this notice is subject to Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000) fine...” Wow. Nampucha. So every single one of the thousands of bars, stores, restaurants and commercial places in QC have to display this notice with his picture on it? And their customers by the tens of thousands have no choice but to be confronted by it every time they transact something? Sus, ginuu, wala palang kawala. E di ba running for congressman ang mokong na'to? Leche. Electioneering disguised as public service lang pala. Style mo, Mayor, vulok. Hmp, asan na ba burrito ko, makakain na nga.


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It is only in Pinas that the politicians can get away with this shenanigan.

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