Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sane answer to an insane challenge

“Isn’t sanity about accepting reality? There is a fake report where all those who have been [mentioned] in it have claimed it was fake and yet he will insist that I answer that?” -- Noynoy Aquino, responding to Manny Villar's dare for a psychiatric test to disprove a medical report already debunked as false

Billy Esposo's take in the Philippine Star: If there is anyone who ought to present proof of his mental stability, it should be my Kumpareng Manny Villar. Don’t you think that his political coalition is symptomatic of what could be schizophrenia? Isn’t going to bed with known Leftists, Rightists, gambling lords, people with big cases to account for, remnants of a dictatorship and a running mate who once accused him of being a crook and pushed for his Senate Ethics Case Trial--symptomatic of split personality?...

Villar had the gall and the temerity to challenge Aquino to address a fake report when he was the one who ran away from the 900 authentic Senate documents that would prove his wrongdoing. Do you recall an instance when Kumpareng Manny really addressed an issue against him?

The problem with these dirty-tricks practitioners is, they're willing to shovel dirt but don't want to be dirtied publicly with it. Because the last one didn't stick (Aquino's ties with, and implied profiteering from, a government-accredited security agency--whose laughable idea was it to talk about undeclared earnings when doing so only swiveled the light right back at the most profligate candidate in town?), out comes a more outrageous claim. But while they're shameless enough to peddle bogus evidence, they're too chicken to stand by and own up to their charges.

And please, the NP's grand announcement that it is “waiving the confidentiality clause” to allow ABS-CBN to reveal its alleged NP sources for the fake medical report? It's a hollow, empty gesture. NP has no standing to “waive” anything. Only the sources granted anonymity by the TV network's journalists can do that. That's how it works. Unless, of course, NP is indirectly admitting--despite its loud and livid claims to the contrary--that its operatives are, indeed, the source of the leaked report?

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Anonymous said...

It is only in this country where a person like Villar can be found guilty of collusion (C-5 mess) and conflict of interest (by non- divestment of assets) by the Senate and still allowed to run for the presidency. In most civilized societies that would be the end of anybody's political ambition.

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