Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tweet me, tweet me, go on and tweet me

Yeah, I'm on Twidder. I know, right, gosh.

I didn't think I'd hop on the bandwagon this soon. I'm like that--I signed up for Friendster long after it had become the hangout of kids with colored hair messaging you with “Eow poh, muzta poh kayow” and pre-pubescent girls trying to post videos of their scantily clad selves on your page. I went on Multiply after Facebook had become the rage, and I finally got an FB account only after nearly everyone around me had opened theirs. (Please lang, I've no plans to join LinkedIn so quit inviting me!) Now I'm resisting getting an iPhone--but Grindr is rapidly wearing down my resolve...

Anyway, blame Migs. The night before his flight back to the US he emailed me with the announcement that he'd opened a Twitter account in my name, without my knowledge. And “Mwahaha!” for good measure.

Well, I'm not the type to be stampeded. I will not be rushed. So I let the news stew for a couple of days--actually, I forgot all about it. When I finally remembered to check out the account that's supposed to bear my name, lo and behold, it already had 39 followers. And I hadn't tweeted a single line. A ganun, pressure-an itu?

Mcvie: OMG! THE @gibbscadiz now has Twitter?! GUGUHO NA ANG MUNDO! LOL!

Since even my Facebook goes for days and weeks without shoutouts, I'm not sure I can keep up with regularly spewing 140-character ejaculations on Twitter. WTF do I say, really. Today I sent out four tweets--probably because I'm still excited at this new thang. Well, If you want to encourage me--that is, if you can stand hearing more from me on top of what you get from this blog--follow me, will ya? I'm here. As God is my witness, this shall be the last social networking site I'll join!

Grindr is not a social networking site, right?


Guyrony said...

And finally THE Gibbs Cadiz has a twitter account!

Migs you culprit you!


angel said...

Wow Gibbygibbz! Wait I'll follow you, oh wait, I don't have twitter account anymore... ;-P

AJ said...

Welcome to Twitter teh.

BTW, Grindr is a location-based social networking site. Pero para sa'yo, Grindr is not. Chozz Mabalos

E said...

Welcome to twitter! :)

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