Thursday, May 06, 2010

Blink and you'll miss them

Ancient Novelies and Civilization DVD--an 8-in-1 mash-up of, among other costume flicks, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Legend of Zorro, Alexander and Bandidas. Atrocious video quality, but the kind of mystifying title that yanks you back for a bemused second look.

Gilbey's Premium Strength Beer--The ultimate choice of men, crows the banner. You can almost feel the swagger. This is a macho drink, dudes. Except--look more closely: Gilbey's Premium Strength With Green Tea Extract. Ahaha.

Lost in perambulation. Among a stack of travel books displayed at a corner bookshop in Robinsons Pioneer, E.M. Forster's A Passage to India. Well, you could say the book provides a guide to the land of the maharajahs at the time of the British Raj, though good luck on finding tourist help desk numbers to call in case you're lost.


gibbs cadiz said...

GPS with Green Tea Extract is the ultimate choice! hahahaha. Masarap uminom ng GPS after mong gamitin ang Freshman Masculine Wash. lol

-- AJ (sorry AJ, had to republish since i accidentally deleted your comment. sa dami ng spam, delete mode na ang auto key ko, haha)

Rody Vera said...

I once found Dario Fo's "Tricks of the Trade", his book about political commedia de'l arte in the Business section of National Bookstore.

Kevin said...

I hate the taste of that Gilbey's. For one, why does it have to be flavored! Though it can knock you down in four, five bottles, but it's the lousiest drink a man would want.

Dad has been telling me that Forster book's good. :) Bought it at Booksale, too!

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