Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What, exactly, is wisdom?

Says this study:

"Intelligence and spirituality share features with wisdom, but they are not the same thing. One can be intelligent, yet lack practical knowledge. Spirituality is often associated with age, like wisdom, but most researchers tend to define wisdom in secular terms, not spiritual."

To break that down:
  • It is uniquely human.
  • It is a form of advanced cognitive and emotional development that is experience-driven.
  • It is a personal quality, albeit rare.
  • It can be learned, increases with age and can be measured.
  • It is probably not enhanced by taking medication.
They had to do a study to find this out. Common sense, it appears, isn't the same as wisdom.


Anonymous said...

hmmm,i'm too young to have any wisdom.

EricFlo said...

"Your intelligence might tell you it's raining, but it'll be your wisdom to tell you to get out of the rain." --from the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Manual, circa 19-kopong-kopong.

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