Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are fag hags really hags?

Nope, nyet, na-ah.

This study says that, contrary to the “image of an unattractive, overweight, desperate woman who seeks out the company of gay men to compensate for her lack of romantic attention from straight guys,” or “as being notoriously camp, overly emotional, unstable and as craving attention,” most fag hags, in fact, are of sound mind, body and self-image, and do not gravitate toward gay people only because they can't score a better deal with hetero guys.

“There was absolutely no link between a woman’s relationship status, the number of times she’d been on the receiving end of a breakup, or her body esteem and the number of gay male friends in her life,” declares research psychologist Jesse Bering, who teases out the nuances of the findings in his Scientific American column (here).

More--and this one a delicious find--“the more gay male friends that a woman had, the more sexually attractive she found herself.”

However, that attractiveness may not last long: “The longer that a woman has been friends with her closest gay male friend, the lower her perceived sexual attractiveness.”

Go figure!

Some other terms for gay-loving women--not all of them affectionate, mind:

• Fruit fly
• Queen bee
• Queer dear
• Fairy godmother
• Fag shagger
• Queen magnet
• Hag along
• Swish dish
• Faggotina
• Homo honey
• Fairy collector
• Fairy princess
• Fagnet

Ruby, Karla, Tere (wait--does she qualify!?) and the other constants in our parties and friendly circles, you're no mere fags hags in our book, you're fab fag hags--the dowagers among queens, if you will. Hugs, mga mare.


♥ ruby ♥ said...

I love this post plus the linked sources. :D

Pati pala faghags, may stereotyping din.

But wait, di pala ako fag hag. I used to be a boy but now I'm a girl. Bwahaha! :D


Guyrony said...

Ruby and Tere definitely qualify. Wahaha! I miss them very much.

Gibbs, will you watch Sipat Lawin? They'll be having their last show this 19th.

P.S. and Tere is more appropriately known as a fag bag. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

ang fag hag ay salitang inembento ng mga mayayabang na bading to say na they can attract both sexes.

laarni lopez said...

weee! love this post.. i totally can relate..

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