Saturday, June 05, 2010

The music of Emir--live

Dulce, Beverly Salviejo, Liesl Batucan, Kalila Aguilos, Melanie Dujunco--familiar voices and faces from local theater--plus Frenchesca Farr, newbie performer who gets the lucky break of headlining Emir, a big-budgeted movie musical (about an OFW nanny who takes care of a young Moroccan prince) directed by Chito Rono and set to open in theaters on June 9.

They all performed during the presscon for the movie, singing three songs from the score that boasts an entire committee of composers and librettists behind it: Gary Granada, Vin and Ebe Dancel, Diwa De Leon, Chino Toledo, Jerry Gracio and Rody Vera.

Frankly, I wasn't taken in by the bit of music I heard, even with the powerful voices of Dulce et al. Then again, it was a noontime presscon, I was still half-dead from lack of sleep, and the set-up simply wasn't ideal to show off the excerpts in the best light. Also, if these songs were really part of a musical score, meaning they were created in service to a larger story and not as individual, stand-alone pieces of music, perhaps judging them outside of context and narrative was premature.

The fair solution, of course, is to see the movie in its entirety and draw my verdict from there. I hope you would, too. In the meantime, let the women of Emir entertain you and pique your interest:

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Anonymous said...

They all have good voices but the songs are a bit genereric-sounding. But I still want to see it in support of our industry.

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