Monday, July 12, 2010

Late for the book launch

I was two hours tardy, so I missed much of the big event--the readings (Karla, I heard yours was a high point! Way to go!), the musical numbers, the remarks by Migs, McVie and E, the crowd that I heard was so thick at one point the venue became quite hot and people had to decamp to the cooler courtyard outside.

Most of all, I missed those who, as I understood from McVie's urgent text messages, were also looking for the editor of Migs' book--that's me. Sorry I wasn't able to meet you, guys. In lieu of my signature on the book (assuming you'd also ask me to sign it for you), just send a silent Miss Universe wave my way every time you open Migs' green opus and end up spending pleasurable hours reading it. If your eyes glide over the text with hardly a stumble over an awkward phrase, a convoluted sentence or a grammatical gaffe--if you don't notice at all, in fact, that you've consumed chapter after chapter without pause--then I shall take that to mean I've done my job well.

Happy reading! And congratulations not only to the three newly-minted book authors, but to Gibo and Dennis of Grey Matter Publishing as well, for putting it all together. (Great packaging for the limited-edition boxed set!)

More: McVie, on how he prepared for his moment on stage--by summoning his theater background!; CC, reflecting on the special occasion; and Migs, a day after, expressing belated acknowledgments. Indulge us for now, please. This is a biggie for us friends.

The books are available at National Bookstore will have them in about a month. Bili na pow!

[All photos courtesy of Von Draye]


Anonymous said...

gibbs, sana you can make a story on the talentadong pinoy contestants, "THE BELIEVERS".a singing duo from a public school who became a grandslam champion sa talentadong pinoy. they sang broadway materials and given their background, magagaling ang boses. try to look for their rendition of minsan ang minahal ay ako and hello little girl (from into the woods!). it will be an interesting human story piece said...

i'll bring migs' book palagi para kapag nakita kita pwede mo syang pirmahan. :)

nice! included ako sa pic oh. ahihi

Karla said...

Napapa-blush naman ang mother sa yo, Gibbs! Grabe, I was kabado, sa totoo lang! Coming after McVie's humorous reading, I was worried people would be turned off by our MMK moment! Buti na lang they loved it (there were a couple of people who came up to me and asked me to sign their copies too, lol)! Too bad I missed you. I was so darn proud to be there for McVie and Migs! Next book, please?

Von_Draye said...

@Gibbs, yes, I was a 14% disappointed I wasn't able to ask for a signature from you... Its okay, Im sure there's more events to come, I'll see you then. Thanks nga pala for acknowledging my photos, come to think of it, bakit nung pinost nyo sa blog nyo ni Mcvie, biglang gumanda yung shots? HEhehe

@Karla, its been a pleasure listening to your entry, it inspired us all, and yes, muntik nang maging MMK dahil muntik na kami lahat umiyak. Thanks for the signature, as well as the pic. mwah!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

sobra naman kung walang pirma mo mga books ko ha.

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