Tuesday, July 13, 2010

P-Noi rocks the house

P-Noi, not P-Noy. Willie Nep, not Noynoy. But I dare you to tell the difference once you close your eyes and listen only to Willie's amazing mimicry of the President. He gets it right seamlessly--the voice, the cadence, the speech pattern, the folksy lines.

But even P-Noy, who is prone to speaking off-the-cuff and likes easy banter, wouldn't be caught dead mouthing the deadly blizzard of jokes that P-Noi dishes out. Example, talking about the Aquino sisters: “Lahat ho ng mga kapatid ko, possessive--'yan ho e family trait. E si Kris kung minsan, lumalampas pa. Di lang possessive--possessed!”

We roared in laughter at that--“we” being the Inquirer editorial people who, one night some two weeks before Noynoy's inauguration, enjoyed a fellowship evening with catered dinner and entertainment as the paper's way of thanking everyone for their contribution to the newsroom's extensive, and exhausting, election campaign coverage. We didn't know it then, but the big boss had an impish plan: announce that the President-elect would be the special guest (which made the gathered journalists salivate at the thought of exclusive scoops from the inevitable Q&A with Noynoy) and then spring P-Noi on them instead.

Goodbye scoops, hello har-de-har, as Willie Nep poked fun at everyone and everything, from Noynoy's receding hairline and smoking habit to Mar and Korina and VP-elect Jojo Binay (of whom he said, recalling how Binay was among the first to rush to Malacanang in fatigues to defend Cory Aquino during the 1987 coup--“Akala nga nila si G.I. Joe na laruan!”).

Lookie, I got part of the brilliant routine on video. Enjoy!

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