Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cecile Licad in The New Yorker

The musicians were recording “Tournament Galop,” a Romantic piano piece that was written by Louis Moreau Gottschalk... Take 67 had been Brahms’s Hungarian Dance No. 6, also written for the piano but arranged in this case for piano and brass. Both pieces will accompany a new silent film, “Louis,” a fictionalized account of the childhood of Louis Armstrong. When “Louis” is shown, in five cities over seven days at the end of August, [Wynton] Marsalis and the others will perform the score live. They were recording the soundtrack for a CD.

The arrangement for “Tournament Galop” was done by Andy Farber, who conducted it, and includes sections for classical piano, which were played at the session by Cecile Licad, who is highly admired around the world. She is small and dark-haired, from the Philippines, and when she wasn’t playing she held her hands in her lap, if her rests were long, or above the keys, if they were brief...

-- from “Two Beats”, by Alec Wilkinson, in The New Yorker

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