Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Nora-Vilma Christmas Carol Face-off: Vote nuh!

Blame Shopwise, which now plies hapless shoppers like me with Christmas carols non-stop. Hearing the walang kamatayang Gunter Kallmann Choir sing I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, I remembered this three-year-old entry and the giddy cheer it generated among the blog's early readers (check out the comments!). Well, time to bring it back! Maestro:

Nora and Vilma, Vilma and Nora. The two most-awarded and most enduring stars of Philippine movies. Once upon a time, in their teeny-bopper years, they also cut music albums aside from starring in movies and television. Singing, of course, came naturally to Nora, who had kick-started her superstardom by winning in Tawag ng Tanghalan. It was infinitely harder for Vilma, who couldn't sing if her life depended on it. But warble she must, if she had to go toe-to-toe with her fiercest rival. So she also released her own albums.

Both of them would record their own take on the Jackson 5 Christmas hit, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Listen to them below and take your pick. Who's got the better version, Ate Guy or Ate Vi? 'Wag lang tumawa, vote nuh! (Finger pointing upwards.)

Here's Nora:

Here's Vilma:


Ronnie said...


Anonymous said...

without a doubt, Nora.

Anonymous said...

Nora and Vilma pa rin? come on guys, move on... charice and sarah na -Marsha!

Tristan Tan said...

Gibbs, this is so funny. Vilma 'ko! :)

jbmd09 said...

In terms of voice quality and musical arrangement, Nora's version trumps Vilma's.

In terms of looks, charm and dancing ability (while performing this song, say, on a stage), it's Vilma hands down.

In terms of cringe-worthy diction, it's a tie!

So my final verdict for this song: VILMA! Dahil biased ako, at dahil forever Vilmanian kami ng nanay ko!

RonTab said...

This made my morning. Both had long and short i's and e's. Nakakatawa.

Voting for Nora, but with a slim lead over Ate Vi's kikay version. I can imagine her kicking her heels and smiling the whole time it was being recorded.

Anonymous said...

Both sound so dated. Nora for the voice and singing ability. My 6-year old niece can sing better than Vilma.

Anonymous said...

Nora, of course. May contest ba? - Ferdie

Anonymous said...

I asked my 79 year old mom to listen to the two versions. Hands down Nora wins

RonTab said...

Nora's version was Santa Klaws

Vilma's version was Santa Close


"If duh-ddy had only sin"

"then I saw mommy teeekel..."

Andami pa! Pwede ipang training sa Call Center Agents.

Super aliw.

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