Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct. 24 show of The Wedding Singer to benefit young Marketing scholars

The Markprof Foundation is raising funds by selling tickets to the October 24 show of 9 Works Theatrical's "The Wedding Singer." Proceeds from this show will go directly to funding this year's 7-weekend Marketing and Sales Leadership Boot Camp for young marketing trainees.

Every year, the foundation looks for 25 graduating college seniors from all over the country, to give them an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: learn cutting-edge marketing skills from the country’s most respected sales and marketing practitioners, for seven straight weekends, 100-percent free of charge.

This Marketing and Sales boot camp covers advanced topics and industry trends that are not taught in their universities, and would not have otherwise been accessible to them. Throughout their boot camp, Markprof provides the trainees with professional mentors that will guide them and help them maximize their learnings. The foundation has produced six batches of exceptional future leaders, and is now on its way to training the 7th batch of 25 trainees.

Markprof also challenges hiring trends that have put a premium on an applicant’s alma mater rather than his own personal merit. Their scholars, regardless of background, have been proven to deliver solid results and elicit positive change in their respective fields, giving companies more and more confidence in Markprof’s seal of approval. This gives the foundation’s talented graduates, who were not able to attend the school of their choice due to financial constraints, a chance to receive employment that someone of their caliber deserves.

Diosdado Salvador, Jr. (Former ASEAN president, Johnson & Johnson) and Josiah Go (renowned marketing guru) founded Markprof Foundation in 2003 to help uplift Marketing education in the country.

Watch 9 Works Theatrical's "The Wedding Singer" on October 24 to help the Markprof Foundation develop future leaders. The show is on October 24, 8 p.m., at the Meralco Theater.

Visit to view seatplan and reserve seats.

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Anonymous said...

for the november 6, 3:30pm showing, please contact the following for tickets:
Erika 0922.837.3233
George 0917.560.0227
or visit

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