Saturday, November 13, 2010

Doctor's prescriptions: theater and--uh, oral sex?

1. Turku, European capital of culture for 2011, [a] city in south-west Finland, has decided that “culture cures” and seen to it that its board of healthcare will distribute 5,500 free tickets for cultural events to people who show up at its municipal health centres. Turku's mayor, Aleksi Randell, [says] “Doctors will consider whether a cultural visit may benefit a patient as a supplement or even as an alternative to medical treatment...” Along with their daily aspirin, the sickly people of Turku will be getting prescriptions for “Cirque Dracula,” “The Brothers Karamazov” and around 50 further events.

-- “The taming of the flu? Finland puts plays on prescription”

2. Heterosexual men who are regularly fellated by homosexual men have a lower risk of developing prostate and testicular cancer, a research study has found. The “Study On The General Health Benefits Of One-Way Gay Fellatio” was spearheaded by University of Montana Sexual & Liberal Studies research fellow Dr. Wendel Jones, and will be published in the upcoming Spring issue of the Men's Journal Of Health & Gender.

“The evidence is just overwhelming and impossible to ignore,” [said] Jones, who identifies as heterosexual and also took part in the study. “If you're a straight guy, getting sucked off by another guy is not as bad as it looks, and does not deserve the social stigma it presently carries...”

“Gay men weren't just put on this earth for their fashion flair, impeccable taste and creativity,” said Jones. “They're cancer-fighting angels that need to be encouraged, celebrated and, above all, appreciated.”

-- “Heterosexual men fellated by gay men have lower prostate and testicular cancer risk, study says”


Thad said...

haha that's one way of putting it. helping men fight prostate CA and UTI- since each ejaculation the zinc in prostate fluid also acts as antiseptic. charitable service, with a smile :->

Anonymous said...

Did you actually read the clinical article? Ang control group naman niya ay "did not engage in one way oral sex". ni hindi nga sinabi kung pano inassign ang groups. did they even control for other sexual activities of participants outside of the "experiment". for all we know, baka tumaas ang penetrative heterosexual sex nung group na naassign sa "with oral sex". or they might have increased masturbation activities to compensate for the oral sex (who should know better one's body but one's self).

Also, in the actual setting, a homosexual giving oral sex to a heterosexual MAY ACTUALLY PUT TO RISK the gay giving oral sex in the form of HIV infection and other diseases.

gibbs cadiz said...

ANONYMOUS: did you actually read the article--and check the site? it's a parody piece. faux news. in other words, it's not true. hence the question mark in the title. read, digest, understand, before commenting please.

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