Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember, remember, remember

PLUS: ok sige fine, ilibing na si marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani, basta isasama si imelda--ng buhay. sampu ng kanilang mga alagad/alipores. Yes, as my tweets amply prove, I have Marcos Derangement Syndrome. The question is--why don't you?

Bongbong: Marcos would have turned PHL into ‘another Singapore’ -- nyahaha, PHL was way ahead of singapore before marcos-martial law, twerp.

• eto pa: d spirit of EDSA 1 is unity? -- HINDI PO. why be united w/ those who've not apologized for ruining the country?

• Aquino asks Binay to decide on Marcos burial issue -- e ano kung me 'bias' ka? u're supposd 2 stand for sumthng! wt BS.

• gadaffi's bizarre speech reminded me of marcos' unhinged last appearance on a malacanang balcony. bongbong, are you watching? you should.

• misguided economy, corruption, crony capitalism, widespread poverty--the economic decline that led to Marcos’ fall

• Bongbong: Marcos would have turned PHL into ‘another Singapore’ -- di lang pala makapal ang mukha nito, hibang pa.

• dear Bongbong: pasalamat ka na lang nakidnap kamo kayo during d edsa revolt. mas gusto mo ba magutay-gutay ng taumbayan? tama na ang hirit.

• Marcos should be buried in heroes' cemetery too, says Bongbong -- pls don't test our patience; u're tolerated enough.

• why is P-noy hands off on the marcos-libingan ng mga bayani issue? he's the son of ninoy-cory. he was elected as torchbearer of that legacy!

• even haiti's duvalier has apologized to his countrymen. the marcoses? never. tapos pinag-dedebatehan ngayon to bury him on heroes' ground?

ok sige fine, ilibing na si marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani, basta isasama si imelda--ng buhay. sampu ng kanilang mga alagad/alipores.

• sige, ilibing na si marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani, so we have the perfect excuse to give up altogether on this crazy country.

PLUS PLUS: Aquino asks Binay to decide on Marcos burial issue -- e ano kung me 'bias' ka? u're supposd 2 stand for sumthng! wt BS. Below, excerpts from a friendly but frank back-and-forth between me and a lawyer-cousin on Facebook.

RAM: Cuz, I understand where PNoy's coming from. If he decides for Marcos' burial at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani people will say he's ruled against what's morally right, if on the other hand he decides against it, people will say he's ruling against what's legally right. I'd never want to have that kind of dilemma. I don't wanna ask too much from him. :)

GC: sorry, CUZ--this is not just about some law covering ex-presidents. this is about THE ex-president who happened to have placed the country pretty much in the shitty place where it is now. the colossal incongruity of placing him on heroes' ground is not a mere question of legality. looking at it that way is being blind to the lessons of history.

RAM: Don't get me wrong cuz ha, I don't want Marcos to be dubbed a hero as well. He's far from being one! But the thing is the rules say that he can be buried there being an ex-president. If this thing goes to Court, the Court won't have a choice... but to follow the rules. We can't decide on mere emotions. The EDSA People Power was a revolution against anarchy, we cannot use anarchy now in retaliation. Marcos placed the law in his own hands, we shouldn't do the same thing. I'd say amend the rules or change the cemetery's name. Let's show the Marcoses that we are much more civilized people than they are. ;)

GC: CUZ, the rule does not say all presidents SHOULD BE buried in the libingan, otherwise, cory aquino would've been there, and his family would've had no other recourse but to bury her there. she opted not to... as for showing the marcoses that we're not like them--here's the best way to do it: prove to them that crime does not pay. that pillaging the nation's coffers will not get you a privileged place on heroes' ground. that running the country to the ground deserves only scorn, condemnation and eternal remembering. insisting on merely the letter of the law, and not its spirit, is precisely to subvert what it was meant to honor in the first place. edsa was not a revolt against anarchy--there was no anarchy in marcos' time, everything was iron-clad, with him holding the iron club and iron keys. to protest now against this planned desecration of honorable ground and the wholesale scrubbing of history is not being sentimental--what is being sentimental is suddenly forgetting everything marcos and his family did because 1) he's dead; 2) it's been 25 years; 3) there's a law that basically appears to cover his ass. to agree to the marcoses' wishes in this respect is to be complicit, approving and forgiving of their wrongdoing, none of which they have even owned up to and apologized for. that is not showing them we're much better. that is, in fact, joining them and becoming one of them. that law was created for something much higher than the marcoses' personal wishes; to use it now in its narrowest, most myopic sense can only trivialize what this country has been through, and diminish us more than ever.


Anonymous said...

This country have a very short memory. We never seem to learn from our own history. Already the Marcoses are back in politics while Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya are undergoing what our country has already gone through. Now Marcos Jr. is trying to re-write history by providing his own lies and propaganda. It has only been 25 years and some of us are already willing to forget. Marcos was a corrupt dictator and plunderer. Many people vanished without a trace under his regime. His corpse should have been fed to the sharks.

Anonymous said...

Revolution? Today, the complaints are the same - just a new cast of characters, isn't it? A true revolution is a revolution of the mind. Alas, I'm afraid it takes more than a fiesta on the streets of Manila for real change - it must be traumatic, unsparing and devastating to make a lasting impression. I sometimes wonder if seeing the Marcoses and their cronies dismembered, disemboweled and displayed in different parts of the city after the Edsa Revolution would have made a difference. "The tree of liberty is refreshed... by the blood of martyrs." - T. Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

mahal na mahal ka namin president marcos at si imelda marcos wag kaung maniwala sa mga opportunistang mga taong walang kwenta..bongbong marcos for president!

Anonymous said...

Its sad. i was at school yesterday, and i overheard students saying "Yung people power DAW natin nun, peaceful".

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