Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fabcast: Cougar Town!

Otherwise known as the episode where we discuss the perils, pleasures and practicalities of two men from different generations dating, and getting serious with, each other. The issue isn't an abstract one. Three of the Fabcasters are currently hitched to (much) younger partners; the other three, as far as I can tell (haha--as if!), ain't averse to the idea, either.

The powwow then had to have a mix of the youthful and the, uh, established, all to put in their two cents' worth on such topics as:

• What attracts younger men to older guys, and vice versa
• How do they navigate and come to terms with differences in temperament, preferences, experience, expectations, emotional stability
• Who pays the bills, and is that ever an issue
• When the kid's into playing Dota and the older guy is into “wealth management,” what constitutes middle ground
“He's just a kid”--a defensible phrase?

The really interesting part: the younger participants give as good as they get with smart, impassioned opinions, which vindicates what I said at one point. Many young people nowadays, or at least those we are fortunate to end up friends with (sometimes more than that, but some of us do get luckier than the others--the bastards), are not the callow, distracted slackers their generation is quite often portrayed to be. They're thoughtful, impressively poised, sometimes wise beyond their years, and they have a lot to teach their supposed betters. Ahem, what's not to love?

But I'm making the podcast sound far more serious than it is. You should know us by now; here, join in the fun! Makisaya na sa Jollibee kiddie party--I'm kidding!

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
Download this fabcast (right click and save)

PLUS: 120,000+ downloads! That's how far we've come with this podcast thing, which is really, at its core, nothing more than bonding time for us friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you--for listening, for laughing and learning with us, for meeting us offline and becoming our friends, for sending us your comments and letters, for the plain much-welcome company. Hansaya!

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