Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fabcast: And we're complete again!

Short and sweet, because it's really just to welcome back one of our dear, dear friends, on a Sunday afternoon filled with, as McVie puts it, “the celebration of life family, friendship, faith and the bucolic beauty of Pililia, Rizal.” Tony adds: “Finally complete after a long time, the fabcasters greet everyone a happy easter! This maybe our shortest podcasts but definitely one of our sweetest.”

And The Boy Who Lived himself, AJ: “Last Easter Sunday, we got the chance to do a reunion podcast as I was able to join the rest of the FabCasters in a quick podcast. My family threw a small gathering at my sister’s place in Pililla, Rizal (where I’m currently staying to recuperate) to celebrate my mom’s birthday and to celebrate the new life that was bestowed upon me by the Lord--a thanksgiving gathering. Friends and family came. And since the FabCasters are both friends and family to me (and to my mom who loves the FabCasters dearly!), they all came and joined us... It was a celebration of life! And what better way to celebrate life than to do a podcast wherein all FabCasters are complete!”

To life, indeed!

Music credits: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
Il Mio Cuore Va
by Sarah Brightman
Together Forever by Rick Astley

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