Monday, April 18, 2011

How Stages' The Light in the Piazza would have looked, courtesy of set designer Joey Mendoza

Would have--because the word right now is, the production has been scuttled--postponed to a still unannounced later date. There is no official word yet from Stages on the reason behind the show's cancellation, news of which came as quite a surprise considering how far the producers had gone in pre-production and marketing.

It had already hosted, for instance, an intimate presscon to announce the casting of Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo as Margaret Johnson, the role that won for Victoria Clark the Best Actress trophy at the 2005 Tony Awards. Karylle, cast as Margaret's daughter Clara, had also performed songs from the musical before prospective buyers, in tandem with guest actor Fred Lo who stood in for the American actor who was supposed to fly in and play the young Italian Fabrizzio, Stephen Mark Lucas.

Had it pushed through, this Light in the Piazza would have also featured the scenery designed by acclaimed NY-based Filipino set designer Joey Mendoza, whose last work in Manila had been the beautifully stylized set for Repertory Philippines' Little Women late last year. Joey has given me kind permission to post his Piazza sketches on this blog, along with his brief notes, which I find a perfect complement to his images. Ah, too bad we're not seeing this ravishing scenery realized onstage this year. [Slideshow of enlarged images here.]


Tableau open


Tie shop






Joey, verbatim:

Credit should also go to Jaime del Mundo who is/was the production director. The set, of course, was designed to conform to the Meralco Theater's rather unusual features. Mr. del Mundo wanted me to suggest that the show “is bits of Margaret Johnson's memory”--her first line in the show (to the audience): “What happened here? I played a tricky game in a foreign country... What did I do?”

The set is anchored in a Florentine piazza--each scene morphing from the basic set. Scrim panels, with fragments of paintings from the Uffizi museum--with a Madonna- and-child motif--give a nominal suggestion of location. They are blurry and at times opaque. It is, of course highly romanticized--and ubiquitously bathed in golden light--except when they are briefly in Rome where the light is harsh. The star, of course is, well, “the light.”


JORI said...

wow! I like it!

imcalledtoffee said...

this is gorgeous gibbs =)

AMG said...

It's a tragedy that something so beautifully designed may not be realized. Hopefully, the producers of Light in the Piazza will be given a chance to share this Broadway hit locally. Let's await a "light" at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

That is a real shame. Those are beautiful designs. Hopefully it is just a delay.

Anonymous said...

I think it is just a delay. pupunta ata sa singapore for another prod ang isang artista. hope the manila staging pushes through

Jdc said...

Fiasco. Epic fail. No matter how you cut it, it's terrible management and unprofessional. Nakakahiya.

Anonymous said...

Fiasco. Epic fail. No matter how you cut it, it's terrible management and unprofessional. Nakakahiya --> there is such a thing as unforeseen even ano? such irresponsible comment

Pamy Lazatin said...

I'd love to watch this live in Manila...been a huge fan ever since hearing the original recording back in 2005. I'm based in Singapore though, but will be home in July. Such a shame it won't be happening yet.
Would you happen to know if a tentative date/month's been set? Crossing my fingers for December when I'm back again. Thanks!

gibbs cadiz said...

hi PAMY! unfortunately, no word yet from them on the reschedule. :(

Pamy Lazatin said...

Awww...too bad :( Ok, hopefully, we'll find out soon. Thank you!

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