Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ikaw, maARTe ka ba?

Love this video. And love the artists behind it.

This video campaign aims to take a closer look on how the arts can be applicable to our lives. Expressed by those who live, breathe and LOVE it--the Filipino Artists.

In a society that sees art as frivolous, and being ma-drama and maarte, we challenge to change the paradigm and change the meaning of art.

Thanks to the Theater Artists: Robbie Guevara, Ana Abad Santos, Carlos Canlas, Gab Santos, Stephanie Reese, Joel Trinidad, Reuben Uy, Bea Garcia, Caisa Borromeo, Jake Macapagal, Jenny Jamora, Topper Fabregas, Pam Imperial, Raul Montesa, Astarte Abraham, Teresa Herrera, Kakki Teodoro and JM Rodriguez

Produced by Mayk Juat, Jake Macapagal, Pam Imperial; directed by Mayk Juat; cinematography by Nix Lanas


Oscar Pantaleon Jr. said...

I'll share the link to this page, if you don't mind.

gibbs cadiz said...

sure, oscar! :)

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