Monday, July 25, 2011

Via live Twitterage--Cinemalaya 2011 complete list of winners

Decided to try live-tweeting the Cinemalaya awards night, which meant I had to forego my usual videotaping of the winners' speeches. Ngaragan pala, but also exciting--it was a three-hour show, I couldn't go to the rest room at any time (I'm afraid I have incipient UTI now), my phone battery was threatening to fizzle out, the program itself had one intermission number too many, and I had to type fast but correctly! (sorry, OC). Also, while the CCP Main Theater didn't activate its signal jammers, it had no WiFi either, so I resorted to 3G, which kept dropping all the time. Still--nakaraos din, down to the very last winners! Here's the blow-by-blow account, in 140 characters or less. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and rah-rah-ed me on.

And on that note, my live-tweeting signing off. Battery less than 10 percent, sheth!

• Note: d elephant in d room--rafa santos--wasnt booed, bt was given public forgiveness by eugene domingo on behalf of other theater actors.

• And there u have it---CINEMALAYA 2011!

• Best film new breed BABAE SA SEPTIC TANK, marlon rivera

• Best director new breed, MARLON RIVERA, babae sa septic tank

• Best film, showcase, BISPERAS, jeffrey jeturian

Best director, showcase, AUREAUS SOLITO, busong

• Best director, showcase, AUREAUS SOLITO, busong; best film, showcase, BISPERAS jeffrey jeturian

• Best director shorts, MILO TOLENTINO,nino bonito; best film shorts, WALANG KATAPUSANG KWARTO, emerson reyes

• Iisang bangka tayo, i mean. Now, tony boy cojuangco speaking--a rare sight. He hardly speaks publicly, hoarse from a medical condition.

• Spectacular performance by the dawn of iisang bansa tayo. Ageless jett pangan. N edgar allan guzman shirtless dancing w/ d troupe!

• Special jury prize new breed, NINO

• Kung hindi pako kumain ng tae di pa ako mananalo.--eugene domingo. Award!

• Best actor new breed EDGAR ALLAN GUZMAN ligo na u lapit na me; best actress EUGENE DOMINGO!!! babae sa septic tank

• Best supporting actor new breed ART ACUNA, nino; best supporting actress SHAMAINE BUENCAMINO, nino. Big applause for a radiant shamaine!

• Best production design new breed NINO, cinematography SAYAW NG 2 KALIWANG PAA, screenplay BABAE SA SEPTIC TANK (chris martinez!)

• Best sound new breed category AMOK, original score SAYAW NG DALAWANG KALIWANG PAA, editing AMOK

• Short films: best screenplay WALANG KATAPUSANG KWARTO, special jury prize HANAPBUHAY

• Ryan cayabyab singers performing...

• Battery halfway na lang, oh no! Don't die on me, demmit!

• Racquel v. so surprised to be called she didnt even get for which film she won best actress!

• Best actor directors showcase BEMBOL ROCO, isda; best actress RACQUEL VILLAVICENCIO, bisperas. Awsh, no special jury prize this year!

• Best supporting actress directors showcase JULIA CLARETE, bisperas

• Best supporting actor directors showcase JAIME PEBANCO, patikul

• No best screenplay award, directors showcase! Jury decision.

• Best production design BISPERAS, cinematography BISPERAS

• Benjamin tolentino, best editing, ISDA, crying onstage. Very young! Lovely sight.

• Directors showcase: best sound BUSONG, best orig score BUSONG (double win for diwa de leon!) best editing ISDA

• First set of new breed awards. Finally.

• Laurice guillen presenting d jurors, among them salvador bernal, mario o'hara, clodualdo del mundo n 3 foreign jurors

• Yes, it's WALANG KATAPUSANG KWARTO. Thanks @Grande_SoyMocha!

• Oh, directors' showcase filmmakers kasama din pala--jeturian, solito, alix jr, lamangan.

• Presentation of certificates to directors, new breed n short film categories. That's why a whole row was vacant, they were all backstage.

• Now, soprano camille lopez molina performing a new work, wid a guitarist n cellist. Proceedings off to a rather slow start.

• Jardin earlier: target audience for this year 50k, as of this afternoon, 53k already. Movies might also go to gateway, othr than greenbelt.

• Best film for children, PATIKUL

• Netpac award, BOUNDARY.

• Audience choice awardees: directors showcase PATIKUL, short film WALANG KATAPUSANG KWENTO, new breed ANG BABAE SA SEPTIC TANK

• Jardin: target audience 50k, as of this afternun it's now 53k viewers. Also, cinemalaya might also go to gateway, on top of greenbelt.

• Opening remarks by festival director nestor jardin: 'on its 7th year, we're still as excited...'

• Hosts intro'd -- angel aquino n paolo bediones, once upon a time hubby n wife in tv's kapten barbell, they say

• Cinemalaya awards night opens in 5 4 3 2...

• Will attempt to live-tweet d cinemalaya awards, hope they don't activate d theater's signal jammers. Ccp pleeeaze?

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Our Facebook movie group followed your live tweets. Thank you!

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