Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ang tunay na kabastusan

Reposting--Perhuwisyo ni Rizal hanggang ngayon, by Rody Vera:

Ang alam ko ay ganito ang nangyari: Isang araw may pumasok na prayle sa loob ng art gallery, isang gallery na halos hindi binibisita ng sambayanang pilipino. Nabastusan ang prayle at nagcacacaramba at itinuro sa madla na ito ay bastos. ang mga bulag bulagan debotong sang-ayon sa sinasabi ng prayle-- agad nakita ang kabastusan, kahit hindi ito ang layong ipahiwatig ng may-likha. Sinigundahan ng kongresman, tinerserahan ng asawa ng dating diktador ng Pilipinas-- na kung pagsasama-samahin ang kabastusang dinulot sa bayan ay walang panama ang nasabing kabastusan sa gallery. NGAYON, kahit ipagpalagay na sila'y tama-- at hindi ako naniniwalang sila ay tama-- hindi ko masisikmurang maki-alyado sa isang prayle, isang kongresman, at isang asawa ng diktador. Kapag sila ang sumigaw ng "Bastos! Walang pakundangan!" Agad kong iisiping isa itong mas masahol na kabastusan.

Sa isang bayan ng Laguna, may isang ritwal kung saan ang mga matatandang babae ay nagsusuot ng mga titi, malalaking mga titi, habang inihahatid ang isang babae sa kanyang kasal. Isinasayaw nila ang mga malalaking titi na ito sa harap ng babaeng ikakasal at pumaparada sa buong baryo hanggang umabot sila sa simbahan. Ang prayle ng simbahan ay nabastusan sa kaugaliang iyan. ipinagbawal niya ito sa bantang makademonyo ang kaugaliang iyan. Madaling tanggalin sa tunay na konteksto ang isang bagay at sabihing ito'y nakaiinsulto sa sensibilidad ng nakararaming nananampalataya. Mas natatakot ako sa KUNG SINO ANG NAGSABING BASTOS ang isang bagay kaysa kung tutoo ngang bastos iyon o hindi.

My own take, in 140-character bursts:

mark my words, those zealots will not stop with the ccp exhibit.

• 'The Artist can never be a terrorist unless he/she murders the audience.' -- Charlson Ong. good read.

• if it's true d cbcp sought imelda's intervention re ccp exhibit, then that only shows how truly low n craven those catholic bishops can be.

• now it's jinggoy calling for d ccp board's head. HILARIOUS--jinggoy, bagatsing, sotto, imelda--now d champions of piety n morality?!? HAHA!

• now that they've extracted blood, do u think these curates n their flock will stop w/ just this work? what will they be 'offended' at next?

• once upon a time, d church also demanded a ban on d noli n fili, on studying rizal in school, on ballet as an 'immoral' activity for girls!

• if u find it offensive, by all means protest, file a case in court. but to demand its removal? r ur sensibilities a license to censorship?

• 'It will set an example to all.'--Christian groups filing case against CCP. see? they're all about striking fear. welcome d new torquemadas.

• Lawyer Jo Imbong re ccp exhibit: 'D Christian nation has been offended.'-- er, wt abt non-Xtians? last i heard, this is a pluralist society.

• Wt art can do--expose hypocrisy. e.g., imelda, sotto, bagatsing now posturing as arbiters of good taste n avatars of piety. THAT'S blasphemy.

• Imelda appalled by 'blasphemous' CCP exhibit --zuure. you n those religious groups are perfect bedfellows. go procreate.

• wag na nga art critic, @radikalchick, but imelda of d horrific martial-law years, now arbiter of what's pious n religiously acceptable?!?

• @shattershards @mcvie @radikalchick remember, it was also imelda who spearheaded the soft-porn manila international film festival years ago!

• Imelda Marcos backs protests against CCP art exhibit, eyes raps vs officials -- wow, diba, ang linis, dalisay, busilak.

• imelda--IMELDA!--acting all offended by 'blasphemous' art is d real blasphemy. that's catholic religiosity for u--all surface, hollow core.

• karen davila says it's understandable for imelda to take offense at 'blasphemous' art because she built ccp. dear, what arrant nonsense.

• wt's blasphemous is for so-called religious groups to cry sacrilege bt then not be offended at imelda styling herself as d paragon of piety.

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Anonymous said...

sir, i have a question for you, are you a Catholic? a wholehearted Catholic?

we can call that exhibit as an art pero sana walang na-offend na tao. if he doesn't believe in Him, wala na akong pakialam dun, sana nirespeto na lang nya ang mga naniniwala sa Kanya.

kahit saan mo pa natin ipakita yang mga sinasabi niyong sining na yan, sa tingin nyo ba hindi yan offensive sa mga Katoliko deboto man o hindi?


foursundaysofseptember said...


Ako, a Catholic, a wholehearted Catholic, never missed mass more than ten times since my first communion, and even go to mass every Wednesday. i studied religion all my life, my parents are members of a Catholic Community.

and no i wasn't offended. and probably, unlike most people, i have seen the installation. have you?

i wasn't offended, because i know my faith. do you? i know my God is not a wooden statue, nor a piece of wood. I also know my God was a man. Who had functioning parts.

Did i like the art, no. I, a catholic who was not offended, have the same rights as those who was offended, why should you, curtail my right to see what i want to see?

our daily bore said...

We might like or not like Mideo's work. It is art, as defined. Not an exact science. Others are calling it a sham. They say Mideo is tarnishing the names of true artists. But who defines what? Who holds the monopoly of truth and standards? If you don't like it, then you don't. If you are offended, then you are. If you don't want to go to this exhibit inside the CCP, then don't. Nobody's forcing us! It's not in EDSA where anybody can see billboards of half-naked men. It's not in the street where all can see our politicians' smiling face declaring that this and that project were initiated and funded by him. "Dito ko ginagastos ang buwis nyo.. Para ikalat ang mukha ko!" "This is where your taxes go -- my face, to show!"

By all means let's argue to our heart's content! Let's debate, voice our concern and perspectives, be emotional and get mad at some point. Because we are in a country where arguments are symbols of our dynamic democracy. We are not in a theocracy where there is a danger of eternal damnation should we not adhere to the authorities' belief. We are in a democracy where freedom of expression is a fundamental human right.

thepurpleman said...

very well said sir...those who were offended are not cultured when it comes to art or just as you said, knows god only in a superficial level as in statues and all...for an artist, it was an exposition of a message...and the message can only be understood by those who knows how to see an artwork.

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