Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A timely reminder--'No one has the right to spend their life without being offended'

In short, creative freedom over delicate sensibilities:

“No one has the right to live without being shocked. No one has the right to spend their life without being offended. Nobody has to read this book. Nobody has to pick it up. Nobody has to open it. And if they open it and read it, they don't have to like it. And if you read it and you dislike it, you don't have to remain silent about it. You can write to me. You can complain about it. You can write to the publisher. You can write to the papers. You can write your own book. You can do all those things. But there your rights stop. Nobody has the right to stop me writing this book. Nobody has the right to stop it being published, or sold, or bought, or read.” [And, may I add, threatened with arson or outrightly defaced.]

-- the author Philip Pullman, on what he thought of the offense his latest novel might cause Christians. The novel's title is The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.

The words are even more compelling on video:

As if on cue, The Onion seconds with this brilliant bit:

WASHINGTON—In a decisive and vulgar 7-2 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court once again upheld the constitution's First Amendment this week, calling the freedom of expression among the most “inalienable and important rights that a motherfucker can have.”

“It is the opinion of this court that the right to speak without censorship or fear of intimidation is fundamental to a healthy democracy,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote for the majority. “Furthermore, the court finds that the right to say whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want, is not only a founding tenet, but remains essential to the continued success of this nation.”

Added Ginsburg, “In short, freedom of speech means the freedom of fucking speech, you ignorant cocksuckers.”

[Hat tip: The Playgoer]


TheBachelorGirl said...

I'm surprised it even reached the Supreme Court. It would obviously win based on the First Amendment.

Now, I'm wondering if the book will be sold here. Will it be blocked?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant summation. I think exactly the same way. I'm so sick and tired of the catholic Talibans in the Philippines.

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