Friday, October 14, 2011

Bohol Notebook 2: the Loboc Children's Choir in rehearsal

[Note: Excerpted from the latest issue of Susan Calo-Medina's Travel Time, The Magazine]

... If you’re lucky, as we were on the late morning we visited [Loboc Church], you could hear angelic singing wafting from nearby, and discover the world-famous Loboc Children’s Choir rehearsing at one of the rooms in the nearby elementary school. These kids have won acclaim all over the world, and on Sundays they sing at mass at the Loboc Church. But here they were now, deep into making their heavenly sound in a place of peeling walls and stark ordinariness that anybody could walk into, and the vision is moving—rootedness made sublime.


Hello Balloon said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful rendition of one of my favorite religious songs!

I also loved listening this at 5 am, when the house was all quiet, with nothing but the soft voices serenading me in the background... Cheers!

Rody Vera said...

Hi Gibbs, just got a text message that the Loboc Choir bagged 3rd place in the Tolosa International Choir competition in Spain.

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