Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Valentine month--classic Martin-Pops

Lookie what I found while I had my old stash of VHS tapes digitized: a clip of Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez when they were still Martin-Pops, the most beloved local show-biz couple there was. Or, for a time at least, in the '80s-90s when they seemed to be the ideal celebrity pair, best friends as well as husband and wife, whose rapport translated to a warm, easygoing intimacy before the TV cameras that legions of fans adored and thrilled to. I'm not sure where this clip is from--Penthouse Live?--but it sure brings back the heyday of those long-ago years. He was one of the two biggest-selling male musical artists in the country (the other being Gary Valenciano), and she, while a middling singer, carved a name for herself as an engaging, classy TV host. Together, they were Martin-Pops, or Pops-Martin, no surnames needed. Here, shaggy hair and all, Martin already has his mannerisms down pat. But Pops--my gulay, how she looked then.

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