Sunday, January 08, 2012

Out of many--many more

For me, what's truly great about the Department of Tourism's newly-launched tourism campaign isn't so much its tagline--nope, I don't believe it's a copy of the 1951 Swiss ad; have you seen the Swiss ad?--as the agency's decision to crowd-source the campaign, or let others contribute ideas to it, using only the tagline as jump-off point and inspiration.

True to form, and completely validating the tagline's celebration of the Pinoy's ebullient nature, netizens have responded with an avalanche of proposed campaign images, many of striking creativity and polish. With the DOT's initial studies as cue (e.g., “Getting upstairs. More fun in the Philippines”--against a stunning backdrop of the rice terraces), and using either the contributor's own photos or sourced from elsewhere, the best entries so far have been those that get--partake in--the unconventional, lighthearted way the tagline is used. Literal is out, literate is in--the fun kind, thus offering the world not just a plain catalogue of hardsell picturesque images, but a witty, tantalizing taste of the many quirks and attractions of Pinoy culture.

After this heartening burst of mass creative frenzy [some of my favorite images below], is there any lingering doubt that, yes, at the very least, we own that F word?

The beginning: image from the Department of Tourism

By Roland Benzon, photo by John Albert Cadag

By Roland Benzon, photo by Jay Jallorina

By Roland Benzon, photo from

By Roland Benzon, photo by Mon Corpuz

By Carlo Vergara, image from The Food Pirate and Ovah Coffee

By Jayvee Fernandez

By Stanley Cabigas, photo-editing by Amihan Ruiz

By Andrei Martin Diamante

By Vincent Paul Evangelista

The following images are from this aggregation site by Anton Diaz (individual photo credits not clear, please holler so I can do proper attributions here):

PLUS: More images here and here; how the posters might look when deployed abroad, courtesy of advertising creative director Dennis Garcia-- here; Jayvee Fernandez's tutorial on How to make your own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” meme here. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. I think it is genius. The play on the tagline is infinite and Filipinos are so creative at doing just that. Bravo to DOT.

Orange Wit said...

I really love the new campaign of DOT. It really sounds fun. Well, Its really for fun here. Awesome blog! :)

Deepa said...

I love this concept too! I did my own set of images, here. Hope you like them :)

gibbs cadiz said...

thank you, ANONYMOUS! :)

ORANGE WIT, salamat sa comment at pagbisita! :)

hi DEEPA, been to your site via frances makil ignacio's FB link. i like the pics! especially the tree-hugging one. :)

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