Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ululations. More fun if they're Grace Nono's.

Nagbabalik on YouTube--this (better-quality) clip, from the 2004 concert Ryan Cayabyab: Music Man at 50, held at the Main Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. "Of an altogether different caliber was Grace Nono, who gave a spectacular rendition of 'Iduyan Mo.' Laced with strange, wondrous wails and ululations, the song became a priestess' clarion call to the elements--and further evidence of the elasticity and sophistication of Cayabyab's best material." [My words]


LanchiE said...

HI Gibbs

I have been a silent fan of the Fabcasters for quite some time.

Have you heard The Sacred Works of Ryan Cayabyab featuring Grace Nono, Edward Granadosin and Teresa Fajardo as soli for Misa 2000?

These three have given Cayabyab's mass a different level of excellence.

LJ said...

something is very magical about this version. love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Ululations, I love that word and I love Grace Nono. Thanks for the post Gibbs.

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