Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Luhrmannized The Great Gatsby--let the carping begin

From here: Praised as “gonzo,” “dazzling,” and visually “spectacular” by preview reviewers, it’s also set off a swift rebuttal in comments sections and on Twitter... Ahead, the most outraged (or funniest) responses to Luhrmann’s latest spectacle, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher, and Tobey Maguire. The full-length feature can be seen in all its glory in 3-D when it’s released in theaters on Christmas.

• “Gatsby trailer looks more Las Vegas commercial romance than West Egg decadence and tragically hollow love story. #disappointed”

• “Voulez-vous barfez avec moi, ce barf? Moulin Rouge!”

• “I had no idea they had autotune back in 1922.”

• “Who put this trailer together, Michael Bay? Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut. Slow it down and get rid of the cheesy music so we can get a true feel for the movie, unless this is the true feel of the movie.”

• “Really, who watched The Cider House Rules and thought, ‘I want Toby Maguire to narrate my movie.’”

• “I think if Baz had just done an Art Deco musical, I’d be all over it. Jesus, though, he completely changed the tone of the book.”

• There should be warnings of ‘excessive creative license’ or “loosely based on a plot and characters by F. Scott Fitzgerald’”

• “Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ is some meta joke from ‘Entourage,’ right?”

• “if i could bleach my brain and pretend that this wasn’t based on one of the greatest novels of all time, maybe the movie would look good. except for the 3D part.”

• “Good to see restraint coming on the part of the director. My god that looks horrendous. CGI green screens, 3-D and anachronistic pop music grafted onto Fitzgerald’s book = massive mess.”


rudeboy said...

I for one am going to watch the living daylights out of this glorious trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

It looks stunning but WTF is that music. In the end I want to see all the characters die in a ball of fire.

Anonymous said...

I thought the trailer was great.
Trailers are just trailers, though. Wait for the film and then rant away if you like.
I'm sick of hearing that Luhrmann changed the tone of the book. The book is the book. Tones change in films and he did agreat job with Romeo and Juliet. He kept true to the spirit of the play in a completely different environment and times.

pacquiao-bradleylive said...

Is it Leonardo Dicarpio?

is it he? i dn't love the trailer.

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