Monday, July 09, 2012

Video: Loi, Liesl, Caisa and OJ--unplugged

Did you hear--they'll be back August 24-25 for a rerun of Forbidden Broadway, directed by Joel Trinidad for his Upstart Productions, still at the RCBC Theater. For those who missed the first run, here's something to whet your interest--stars Loi Martinez, Liesl Batucan, Caisa Borromeo and OJ Mariano performing the song that opens this version of Forbidden Broadway, during the presscon held last May. Take note, no microphones! Quite special to hear them this way, right?

“A treat for musical fans... the four actors effortlessly slip in and out of numerous characters and costumes throughout the fast-paced musical review.” --
Vladimir Bunoan,

“Comic timing is a gift that all four members of this cast have... a smart and compact retelling of theatrical productions.” -- Katrina Stuart Santiago, GMA

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