Monday, April 01, 2013

London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art holds Musical Theater workshop at Peta Theater Center, May 21-26

London's most prestigious drama school, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), holds a workshop in Asia for the first time through a course on Musical Theater at The PETA Theater Center this May 21 to 26.

Founded in 1904 and one of the oldest drama schools in United Kingdom, RADA's roster of graduates include Sir Anthony Hopkins, Clive Owen, Vivien Leigh, Tom Hiddleston and Maggie Gyllenhaal, among others.

The Musical Theater course is a week-long intensive training offered to professional actor-singers who have undergone formal vocal training and are intending to pursue a career in Musical Theater. Participants will work with RADA instructors to develop necessary skills for a successful career in Musical Theater, working on solo pieces, a duet or trio and an ensemble number.

Participants will also be given guidance on casting and with developing an audition repertoire. At the end of the course, students will perform selected pieces for an invited audience then followed by individual feedback.

The course is also rare chance for Filipino performers to earn a RADA certificate upon completion of the workshop.

2013 PETA Summer Program
Children, teens, young professionals and theater enthusiasts of all ages are also invited to explore the world of theater through this year's PETA Summer Program from April 9 to May 11.

Basic courses include Children's Theater 1 (for ages 6-9), Children's Theater 2 (ages 9-12), Teen Theater (for ages 13-16), and Theater Arts (for ages 17 and up), while the advanced courses for ages 17 and up are Basic Acting, and Creative Musical Theater.

Every course uses PETA's unique Integrated Theater Arts Approach, which blends the five different disciplines in theater, namely creative drama, body movement and dance, creative sound and music, creative writing and visual arts.

PETA's student-centered workshops also highlight the limitless potential for creativity in each participant. The classes offer a means for individuals to express themselves fully and to boost their confidence and creativity.

The Summer Program ends with the participants' final showcase at the PETA-PHINMA Theater, in which they will present their own production.

True to this year's tagline "Your Story Takes Centerstage," the program's final showcase draws inspiration from the participants' experiences, turning their stories into memorable theater productions.

To join the PETA Summer Program, please schedule an interview for enrollment through 7256244, 4100821, 0916-3090707, or To join RADA's Musical Theater Workshop at PETA, please contact 0906-2115003, or

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